Southern Palms Memorial Gardens is a beautiful 9.5 acre cemetery that features nine distinct and different garden sections, two chapel mausoleums, and several different sites for cremation. Special sections have been developed for veterans, infants, and various religions. At Southern Palms we offer many personalized options to commemorate the lives of loved ones and to help ensure that legacies will be honored for generations to come. Whether your preference is ground burial, mausoleum entombment, or a memorial option that includes cremation, we have choices in styles and price to fit any family's needs.
In our gardens, the use of flat bronze memorials is required. Southern Palms offers a complete line of custom designed memorials from Matthews and Granite- Bronze. Bronze memorials can be designed to include many personalization options including vases and even pictures. We also offer many types of outer burial containers, (burial vaults), from Wilbert, Doric, and Vantage. Traditional ground burial requires an outer burial container. We can also custom design and install your bench.

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Traditional Ground Burial

  • Veterans Garden

    This garden is set aside for our veterans. The feature of this section is includes a flower garden and an American flag. Whenever a veteran is buried in the garden, the flag is lowered to half-staff and the veterans name is placed on the veteran's plaque for 24 hours. We are proud to honor those who have served.
  • Memorial Garden

    This garden is one of the first sections opened in 1960 and features a large open Bible with the Lord's Prayer inscribed on the open pages. There are walkways and shrubs placed throughout the garden making this one of our most beautiful and desired gardens.
  • Garden of the Cross

    This is one of our largest gardens. It features a beautiful granite Cross surrounded by shrubs and papas grass at the end of a long walkway. A portion of this garden is set aside for our Catholic families.
  • Mirror Lake

    This is our premier garden. The entire garden surrounds a beautiful one acre lake. The lake features a fountain that is lit at night and is the focal point of the cemetery. The garden also features walkways and several beautiful trees including four weeping willow trees.
  • Garden of Angels

    This garden is set aside for infants. The feature of this garden is a cherub statue that overlooks the garden. It is very especially difficult to plan and prepare for the loss of an infant and that is why Southern Palms offers it’s most gentle assistance throughout the entire process, as we do with losing any loved one.
  • Star of David Garden

    This garden is set aside for members of our Jewish community. The pride of this garden is a granite Star of David that is part of the wall creating a beautiful feature at the end of the walkway.
  • Other gardens in the park include Southern Palms Lane, Briarcliff Gardens, Magnolia Garden, and the Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Garden.

Above Ground Entombment

Mausoleum Entombment: An alternative to traditional ground burial is above ground entombment in a mausoleum. Multiple options and price ranges allow families many choices. Mausoleum entombment also helps to eliminate expenses for some burial items such as an outer burial container

  • Private Family Mausoleum

    Private family mausoleums are a popular choice for peaceful and private above ground entombment. These mausoleums come in a variety of designs, materials, and arrangements. They can be designed from a single crypt to a six crypt arrangement. These arrangements can also include a bench and a private walkway.
  • Shrine of Good Shepard Mausoleum

    Our first chapel mausoleum was built in 1961. It offers 488 indoor and outdoor crypts. The beautiful chapel features Italian marble and a gorgeous stained glass window depicting Christ with his flock. Different crypt arrangements such as True Companion, Side by Side Companion, and Couch Companion are available. Only a few crypt spaces remain.
  • Chapel of Remembrance Mausoleum

    This is our newest chapel mausoleum. It was built in 2005 and has 360 crypt spaces. The chapel is very spacious and can easily accommodate over 100 people. The front of this beautiful chapel is all glass and overlooks Mirror Lake. Granite benches have been placed in front of the outside crypts for the convenience of the families who own crypts on our outside walls. Side by Side crypt arrangements and True Companion arrangements are available.


Today cremation is widely accepted and is becoming more popular each year. Cremation is the reduction of our body to its natural elements through heat and evaporation. People choose cremation for a variety of reasons. One reason is that cremation allows for more time between the death and the service. This gives out of town family members more time to gather and plan for a service.
Whatever the reason, Southern Palms offers a variety of options for those who choose cremation. All of our options are very affordable.

  • Footprints Rock Garden

    The Footprints cremation rock garden is one of our most requested sections for cremation. Nestled between the beautiful flowers are cremation rocks. These rocks can accommodate from one to four individuals. The feature of this garden is a large granite wall with the Footprints story engraved on the stone. Additionally we now feature an Ossuary (call for details). Names of those that choose Ossuary inurnment can be added to the Footprints cenotaph wall.
  • Praying Hands Columbarium

    The Praying hands columbarium is a specially designed structure that offers multiple cremation niches, (small compartments), that hold the cremated remains in the urns. The columbarium is located by the evergreen trees near the Chapel of Remembrance Mausoleum.
  • Glass-Front and Bronze-Front Niches

    Glass-front niches offer a unique and special way to pay a personal tribute and preserve memories. The glass allows visitors to view keepsakes, memorabilia, and photos of this special family member. The Glass-front and Bronze-front niches are located inside the chapel of the Shrine of Good Shepard Mausoleum. A niche flower vase can be added to the Bronze-front niches.
  • Marble Front Niches

    Located inside the Chapel of Remembrance are the Marble-front niches. The niche fronts are made of beautiful Italian marble. The bronze nameplates are attached with the names and dates. A flower vase can also be added. Visiting and reflection time is done inside the beautiful chapel overlooking Mirror Lake.
  • Ground Burial/Bronze Cremation Memorial.

    Bronze memorials are designed for families or individuals who choose cremation but prefer the tradition of ground burial. An urn fits directly into the tamperproof bronze memorial. Companion ground burial memorials are available when one spouse chooses traditional burial and the other chooses cremation. These memorials can be ordered with or without a flower vase.
  • Cremation Bench

    A cremation bench is much like any granite bench except that it is made to allow for multiple cremation urns to be placed inside. There are many different places throughout the cemetery where benches can be placed. The benches are offered in a variety of colors, styles, sizes, and with dozens of memorialization options. Each bench can be customized with personalized engravings and artwork for an individual or an entire family.