About Us

For over 50 years Southern Palms has been committed to serving the living while caring for the dead. This tradition started when Leamon Todd purchased a parcel of land from the Vereen family in 1960 and started Southeastern Memorial Gardens, which changed its name to Southern Palms Memorial Gardens in 2011 to better suit its beauty and serenity. Southern Palms proudly serves families from all cultures, all religions, and all walks of life. The history of North Myrtle Beach and the coastal area rests within our gardens. Many of our town's founders are buried here. Every individual within our cemetery was special to someone and some family. They are now a special part of our family at Southern Palms Memorial Gardens. As long as people continue to create legacies, we will be here to honor them and the families in the utmost respectful, compassionate, and peaceful manner.

Office Hours

  • Monday through Friday
    10:00am to 5:00pm
  • Saturday & Sunday
    By appointment

Email Address

  • southernpalms@sc.twcbc.com

Perpetual Care

Unless the cemetery you choose is a Perpetual Care cemetery, the burden of maintaining the grounds, cutting the grass and making repairs will fall on future family members, church members, or municipalities to provide for this service. Equipment costs continue to rise making a time to reflect and meditate a time to work, weed and clean the cemetery. There is always a worry of who will provide these service years from now. Southern Palms is a Perpetual Care Cemetery. This means that a percentage of every dollar spent with us is deposited in an irrevocable trust fund. The principle from this fund can never be withdrawn. The interest from this fund is what will keep the cemetery maintained even when the cemetery is sold out and there is no more revenue coming in.
When considering a cemetery, always consider a Perpetual Care cemetery that is licensed, regulated, and inspected by the State of South Carolina.

Rules and Regulations

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Our goal is to make Southern Palms Memorial Gardens the most beautiful cemetery in the coastal area. We work very hard to keep our rules and regulations to a minimum. Each rule and regulation is in place for the safety of our visitors and employees, and helps to protect the investment of our property owners.